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Walking Tour

This my fourth blog post, however, I will be focusing this post on my first project, my walking tour.

I love hearing and telling stories and have always felt stories are the best way to connect with strangers and friends alike. This pandemic has been a disaster. We have all been isolated from human contact for over a year now, and whether or not your vaccinated, things are not even close to "normal." I haven't seen my progressively deteriorating grandmother in over a year and haven't seen my grandparents on my mom's side since my poppy's funeral in 2019. I miss hearing stories and seeing smiles more than I can describe.

For my walking tour I wanted to stray from depressing COVID-19 facts, news and stories and focus on things that will make people smile and generate a running discussion on funny topics. I talked about my first college party, crazy roommate tales, real (fake?) ID stories and more and was really happy with how quickly I learned about all of my classmates. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't poetic, and it wasn't aesthetically pleasing. . . so . . . was it art? Who cares? It contributed to Michael's radical utopian experiment of making us all be friends and in turn positively contribute to our own community.

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1 Comment

Sarah Candee
Sarah Candee
Apr 30, 2021

Yes it was art. And it was enjoyable so you absolutely accomplished your goal.

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