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Final Project

My final project has endured many shapes, forms and changes to get where I ended up at. I first had the plan to prepare a visual artwork that accompanies an audio clip of a recently memorialized legend of music. As time in photoshop progressed, I slowly came to the realization that that is not what has been most important to my experience this semester.

You all were.

You all provided apace for me to be myself, unapologetically and uncensored. That's the art in my mind, full freedom of expression. Anything I have chosen to do, you have all jumped on board and supported me.

I hold all of your work to be my "gold standard," I aspire to be like you all and learn everyday from your unique artistic processes.How can I leave a class I loved without giving back?

I compiled all of my phone and camera photographs from beautiful memories I had throughout the semester and turned them into a 28 photograph collage. I know it looks like a lot, but that just who I am.... unapologetically.

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May 05, 2021

I am honored for you to create collage with us in it!! I love the posters and pictures you post on insta. really cool mix of photo experimentation when doing graphic design. Keep doing you :)


Love you so much Spencer <3 Keep doing your unapologetic thang. I'm so in love with this final project


Sarah Candee
Sarah Candee
Apr 30, 2021

Spencer, this is so goddamn thoughtful. I love you and everyone else. Thank you for including us in your artistic practice.

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