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COVID-19 Memorial Project

To be quite honest, I'm still not sure what our group project was really all about.

This is by no means me saying it has no meaning or that it was not "art," however. To me, this project was an exercise in social interaction between artists. We all have have radically different brains and thoughts and we all conceptualize and brainstorm pieces/projects in incredibly dissimilar ways.

It was a good night. I arrived to Madison's house around 9 with Sophie and a to-go margarita from Luchidor. We sat around and drank, played chess and loosely plan for an hour or two. During that time I was handed a. post-it note and told told to draw a spiral, I didn't think anything of it and drew a crappy spiral with a little music symbol next to it. Next thing I knew, that was the project!

Kudos to Sophie, really, she has come up with some great ideas for our group projects this semester. We talked about the spiral, what it meant and tried guess which spiral belonged to each group member.


Something's missing....

what was that you say? trashcan fire?

YES! finally!!!

I have waited almost 8 years for this opportunity and finally and the chance to take it. We have been waiting for weeks to find a time to have this trashcan fire at Liz's house, and we HAD to do it. So how does this have to do with spirals?

We thought it would be symbolic to spread the ashes of the spring break tree in a spiral for our final group project. So that what we did.

I'm not one to come up with deep conceptual meanings for things but I know deep in my heart, the art was in the friendship of 6 of the most wildly different people in Madison.

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