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Spring Break... or lack thereof...

I'm tired. I need a break. we deserve it. Margaritas! (?)

Every morning up until about a week ago I woke up virtually every morning to the smell of spray paint enamel (which I'm sure cannot be good for my already depleted brain cells) and a new thought on a brightly colored cardboard tree. . . you know, like we all do.

For our lack of spring break project, I became friends with 5 of the most wildly different people on the planet along with a handful of heart-warmingly adorable kindergarteners.

You were all there. You know what we did. But I know your'e all here to hear my thoughts. I think that, naturally, this project was totally different from each other, the ways we thought about it, what our expectations were, what we got out of it, etc.. For me, it was a 4 hour break from the nonsensical astronomy and biological anthropology classwork that was assigned during what would be my annual visit to visit my grandparents. I had a few hours of bliss to drink some fresh-pressed lime juice with my new friends in my utopian experiment class with the magically talented professor of love, Michael Peterson.

I need a break, too. This virus has affected each one of us as differently as anyone can imagine, its ways are so random and nefarious, but I know for damn sure that we have all had a hard time adjusting to the pain of not being able to see the smiles on your friends faces, and the small interactions with complete strangers. But for a second, we captured it. I saw the smiles through my camera's lens and was able to be a part of a random act of kindness that brightened everyone's day. And don't get me started on the weather!

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Sarah Candee
Sarah Candee
30 de abr. de 2021

Really gorgeous photos... Great work. Thanks for hosting - our friendship would not have happened without you.

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